To become a diversified regional real estate holding company, specialized in real estate and related activities in locations where the company identifies an advatage, in order to achieve consistently increasing returns and growth to shareholders.


We are committed to creating enjoyable real estate transactions through the efforts of the most dedicated professionals supported by innovative programmes, tools and management. We strive to provide ongoing home services for our clients before and after the sale and work together to create a great environment where we can learn, grow and succeed together. We also hold ourselves responsible for delivering innovative and efficient business plans as every day brings a variety of new investments.

Main Goals of The Company

The Main target of the Company is to achieve the highest Levels of Return for the Share holders with a steady growth in the long term. The company uses different types of income and restructuring the Real Estate Wallet to Produce and generate the income geographically and operationally. The Company also invests in Vacant Lands. In order to achieve its goals and to be ahead of market performance, the company follows these strategies:
1.    Studying and choosing the best offers to add Real Estate investments with high income rates in promising Locations.
2.    Buying Vacant Land and Develop it to housing, commercial and investment complexes that achieve good and high income in the Real Estate Market.
3.    Working to improve and add whatever resources are needed to achieve the required targets through using very qualified HR practices.
4.    Reorganizing the company's Structure to be ready and suitable for the submitted services and activities.
5.    Continuing on distributing risks and working on varying the sources of income for the company including buying shares in some good companies that will help        producing good income for the company.
6.    The Company manages most of the projects for their clients in addition to contributing with a good share in these projects to share the risks with the rest of the holders.        This leads to minimizing the risk of fluctuating revenues and will reflect positively on the market value of the company.
7.    The Company management are continually planning and studying both the internal and external markets to establish the commercial sector in the company in order to        provide the Gulf Market with the best technologies in construction material which can serve the market better.
8.    Establishing joint ventures and partnerships with companies that can serve the activities of the company ( Real Estate Companies, Consulting Offices, Service        Companies).

Company Profile

Vision, Mission & Goal

The Main target of the Company is to achieve the highest Levels of Return for the Share holders with a steady growth in the long term.

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Board of Directors

AlZamel Board of Directors boasts broad experience and high qualifications across real estate industries.

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Company Strategy

Al–Zamel Achieves the Highest investment return, while maintaining commitment to honesty and professional expertise to provide First class Real Estate Services to our clients.

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Working together is essential. Harmony and a positive attitude are critical to success. Without synergy and devoted teamwork our goals will remain unattainable.

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