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Brief about.... Al-Zamel International Real Estate Company

Al-Zamel International Real Estate Co. was established by Mr. Musallam Mohamed Al-Zamel and partners in Kuwait on November 5, 1981 with a Capital of 250,000 KD. On May 29, 2004 the Company capital was increased to 500,000 KD.

The company headquarters lies in the heart of the Capital by the main headquarters of Kuwait Finance House- Souq Al-Maseel. Because of the increase in the company's Real Estate properties and improvements in the company business, the Board Members decided to change the company to a Kuwaiti share holding combine closed on March 25, 2005.

The legal name was changed to: Al-Zamel Int. Real Estate Co. with a capital of 3,000,000 KD (Three million Kuwaiti Dinars). Recently, the Company's capital was increased to 15,000,000 KD (Fifteen Million Kuwaiti Dinars).

Company Activities
  1.   Owning, Selling and Buying Real Estate Propertics and Lands to develop for the company inside and outside Kuwait as well as far ashes.

  2.   Owning and Buying Shares and Real Estate Stock on the company’s behalf inside and outside Kuwait.

  3.   Prepare and present Real Estate Consultations.

  4.   Owning and Managing Rehabilition and health Resorts and Hotels in addition to renting and leasing.

  5.   Maintenance of all real estate properties owned by the company.

  6.   Manage, Operate, Invest, Rent and Lease Hotels, Clubs, Motels, Guest Houses, Parks, Showrooms, Exhibitions, Restaurants, Cafeterias, Housing Complexes, Resorts, Spa's, Entertainment Facilities, Athletic Facilities, and Stores of various investment ranges including all support services needed.

  7.   Arrange and plan Private Real Estate Expos for the company's own investments. Manage Real Estate Auctions.

  8.   Owning and Managing Shopping Malls and Housing Complexes.

  9.   Investing the extra financials available at the company in business ventures with specialized companies.

  10.   Direct investments in main infrastructure projects for new cities, housing, commer- cial and industrial BOT projects.

  11.   Managing Clients Portfolio

Our Vision:-

To be one of the best pioneer and professional Real estate companies with high local and regional confidence .

Our Mission:-

To manage and maintain real properties and projects Professional and to provide outstanding level of services to deliver creative solutions and opportunities for stakeholders through an integrated real estate development capabilities across the Middle east region and a diverse regional investment portfolio.

Main Goals Of The Company

The main target of the company is to achieve the highest levels of Return for the shareholders with a steady growth in the long term. The company uses different types of income and restructuring the Real Estate Wallet to produce and generate the income geographically and operationally. The company also invests in vacant lands.

In order to achieve its goals and to be ahead of market performance.