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History of Al-Zamel Real Estate Company

Founded in Kuwait in the year 1981, the concept of a real estate and building contractor with a decentralized model was conecived by the founders of Alzamel Real Estate Co., Mr. Musallam Al-Zamel and his partners. As the company expanded, Alzamel Real Estate Group was formed to be a leader in the market of real estate, construction, industrial and commercial facilities. Since 40 years, the Alzamel Group of companies went global and have investment in more than 10 countries.

  • iconAl-Zamel International Real Estate Co. K.S.C.C. Kuwait

  • iconAl Zamel International General Trading & Construction Company Kuwait

  • iconAl-Zamel Real Estate Office. Kuwait

  • iconMusallam Al-Zamel General Trading and Contracting Co. Kuwait

  • iconAlzamel & Daiasti Construction Company. Kuwait

  • iconAl-Rubaiya Al-Kuwaitiya Real Estate Company  Kuwait

  • iconIMG General Trading & Contracting Company

  • iconAl Zamel International General Trading & Construction Company Bahrain

  • iconAl-Zamel International Trading co. UK

  • iconAl-Zamel International Trading co. Jordan

  • iconAl-Zamel International Trading co. Lebanon

  • iconAl-Zamel International Trading co. Bosnia