Company Strategy

1.    Owning, Selling and Buying Real Estate Properties and Lands to Develop for the Company inside and outside Kuwait as well as far ashes.
2.    Owning and Buying Shares and Real Estate Stock on the company's behalf inside and outside Kuwait.
3.    Prepare and present Real Estate Consultations.
4.    Owning and Managing Rehabilitation and Health resorts and Hotels in addition to renting and leasing.
5.    Maintenance of all Real Estate Properties Owned by the Company.
6.    Manage, operate, Invest, Rent, Lease Hotels, Clubs, Motels, Guest Houses, Parks, Showrooms, Exhibitions, Restaurants, Cafeterias, Housing Complexes, Resorts,        Spa's Entertainment Facilities, Athletic Facilities, and Stores of Various investment ranges including all support services needed.
7.    Arrange and Plan Private Real Estate Expos for the company's own investments.
8.    Manage real Estate Auctions.
9.    Owning and Managing Shopping Malls and housing Complexes.
10.   Investing the extra financials available at the company in business ventures with specialized companies.
11.   Direct Investments in main infrastructure projects for new cities, housing, commercial and industrial BOT projects.

The Company Follows the Islamic Laws in all its Activities.

Company Profile

Vision, Mission & Goal

The Main target of the Company is to achieve the highest Levels of Return for the Share holders with a steady growth in the long term.

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Board of Directors

AlZamel Board of Directors boasts broad experience and high qualifications across real estate industries.

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Company Strategy

Al–Zamel Achieves the Highest investment return, while maintaining commitment to honesty and professional expertise to provide First class Real Estate Services to our clients.

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Working together is essential. Harmony and a positive attitude are critical to success. Without synergy and devoted teamwork our goals will remain unattainable.

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